Photography Lessons

Last Saturday I took a photography class from Chimpsy in East Austin. I had bought a Groupon for the class way back in January and was finally able to take the class this past weekend. The class was two hours long with one hour of instruction and one hour of picture-taking around the area. Even though I had learned about a few of the techniques in a previous class, once we made it to shutter speed, F-stops, and depths of field, I was a little out of my league. Luckily, we were able to practice at the end of the class (in the 100-degree heat!), and they e-mailed us a manual after the class was over. I will hopefully be able to practice some of these techniques before our trip to Chicago in July.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the class:


Somehow, I think this girl and I would get along really well.

POTD: Doe, a deer

This afternoon when I came home from work, I thought I saw something in the pasture next to my apartment complex. In fact, it looked like a deer, but I convinced myself I was just seeing things (I was wearing my glasses). Then I saw something move. It turns out there were two deer in the pasture (one was in the bushes). Maybe my eyes aren't so bad after all.

Then I went to the eye doctor, and the assistant asked me to read the eye chart without my glasses. She asked me to read the smallest line I could, to which I replied, "E, but that's probably just because I know it's there."

Yep, I'm blind.

Visiting Georgetown

One of my favorite parts about living in Massachusetts was exploring many of the little towns in the area. Any given weekend could find me driving out to Lowell or Concord or Salem or Marblehead. Each of these New England towns had so much charm, and I loved walking around, stopping in the little shops, and taking pictures.

This past weekend I decided to visit a quintessential Texas small town: Georgetown. On Saturday morning, I learned that there were a bookstore downtown so I decided it was time to make the drive up there. The book store, Book Pride, was really nice, and I spent a lot of time looking around at the different books. I also enjoyed shopping at the some of the antique stores around the square, even though I think I have been spoiled by my thrift store visits (everything was so expensive!). I did end up buying a cute English tin at one of the stores.

And of course, I took pictures:

It was super hot (triple digits, I think), but I just love the blue sky in these pictures!