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Ice cream cupcakes (or the reason my plan to eat healthy this week hasn't worked)

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April 2012 Round-up

April is almost at an end...it's time for another round-up.
We're five days into May — time for my April round-up.

What I Read...
  • The Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean: I enjoyed learning about the Soviet Union during World War II, but I really need to take a break from books that feature a character with Alzheimer's. It's getting a little depressing.
  • The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley: This book was rather blah. I enjoyed parts of the story but had to shake my head over some of the dialogue and plot points (someone's gay, now he's not; someone's dead, now he's not).
What I Watched...
  • The Hunger Games (twice): I finally went to see the movie with the whole family while I was home for Easter and saw it again in Austin a couple weeks later. It was good, but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the book. The violence bothered me a lot more on the screen as well.
  • TV: I watched many of my regular shows this month, including Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Army Wives, and Ringer. I also enjoyed seeing the World Figure Skating Championships on TV at the beginning of this month.
What I Want to Remember...
  • Spending a few days in Austin with Dad. We ate dinner at Gloria's, picked up ice cream at Amy's, and then followed each other home on Friday.
  • Celebrating Easter with the family. We decorated eggs at the farm, attended church, and shared Easter dinner.
  • Moving to a bigger apartment.
  • Visiting the Hudson River School exhibit at the Blanton Museum.
  • Getting into the habit of working out at Curves.
  • Playing "I Love to Tell the Story" with the handbell choir at church.
  • Going to the Country Living Fair with Mom — it was a nice break from moving.
What I'd Like to Forget...
  • Moving into a new apartment that wasn't quite ready for me. From mold and smoky smells to dirt and water stains, it was not a pleasant experience.
  • Continuing to experience the mass exodus of writers at work.
  • Trying to get cable/satellite TV in my new apartment. Everything is resolved now, but it should not have been that difficult.
Pictures from April 2012...
Dyeing Easter eggs

Valley Springs Farm

Lunch at Panera

Easter picture

Pretty things

Sammy ♥s boxes

Square Cow Moovers

S'mores bars

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