Photography Class, Assignment #2

My photography class focused on flash and exposure compensation last week. We had to take pictures of the same subject using the different flash settings in our cameras. I learned that my camera has several different flash settings, which was really surprising to me since I thought I had only two: on and off. Sammy was the subject of my project this week.

Sammy with no flash

Sammy with flash

His natural color, of course, is more like the second picture than the first. I still like the first one because he looks softer, and his eyes aren't quite as scary.

Only one more assignment and class left! This class has gone by quickly.

Photography Class, Assignment #1

I'm taking a photography class this month at a local high school. We have an assignment each week to learn about different elements of photography. Since I can only turn in one sample of my work each week, I thought I would share the other pictures here.

Assignment #1
1. Photograph a subject at a distance from a background at the longest zoom setting (most telephoto).
2. Zoom out to the shortest zoom setting (most wide angle).
3. Move closer to your subject until it fills up the same amount of the frame as it did in #1 and take your second photograph.
4. Compare the relative sizes/perspectives of the subject and background in each image.

Bushes with the zoom

Bushes close up (Notice how you can see more space between them.)

My car from far away

My car at a closer angle

The Museum's steps from far away

The steps from close up

And the winning set, which just so happened to be the first set I took. I love the color in the first shot, and the contrast between the two.


Close up

This next picture wasn't for class, but I like it anyway. The light was just perfect to catch the reflection of the Hood Milk Bottle in the building across the way.

Kendra :)