Cat + Dolphin = Love

Everyone all together now . . . awww!

A bunny project

This past Easter, I made a cute bunny shadow box as a gift for my mom. I've been meaning to write about how I created it for awhile but haven't been able to find the time until now. This isn't an Easter-exclusive project, so you won't have to wait another year to try it out.

First of all, here's the final product: (I always like to know where I'm going before I begin.)

Cute little bunnies all in a row — with fluffy white tails, of course! (Yes, that's my elbow reflected in the glass.)

To begin, you just need to gather a few supplies:

Shadow box frame (I bought mine at IKEA.)

Scrapbook paper (If you're like me, you have tons of scrap paper from old projects. This is a great way to go through your stash.)

Decorative punch (I used the Bunny Hop punch from Fiskars.)

Foam squares



1 piece of white cardstock cut to fit in the frame (not shown)

The first step is to punch out your shapes. The bunny punch was so much fun to use, and of course, perfect for Easter. Once you've made all your shapes, lay them out on the white cardstock to see how they look.

Once you have your bunnies (or other shapes) lined up the way you like them, use the adhesive to attach the pom-poms. (After much trial and error, I discovered that the hot glue gun worked best for this step.) Make sure that no bunnies are left unattended during this step (especially if you have a cat).

It was a bunny massacre - tails were everywhere!
Then use the foam squares to attach the shapes to the cardstock. If you use a hot glue gun, you may have to wait for everything to dry. Once the drying process is complete, add the cardstock piece to the frame, and you're done. Easy, right?

Here's the final product at my parents' house:

I'm already planning to create one for myself. I'm thinking...cupcakes!

Big Boy

I took Sammy to the vet on Friday. He was as charming as ever, but I was a little embarrassed to learn that he now weighs more than 20 pounds.

I'm already drawing up plans for a cat-sized treadmill. Now the only question is — how do I make him use it?

Tower Ghost?

Tonight I was looking through some of my pictures from last fall and deciding which ones to print. I came across this picture in one of the football game folders:

Does anyone else see the Tower's shadow on the right? (It seems to be upside down too.) Why did it do that?

Just a little something to keep you amused on the first day of May. :)