Project 365 | Week 13

Happy Easter! It's been nice to spend the last few days here in Henderson. I came in late Thursday night, and Mom and I battled the crowds in Canton the next day. Yesterday the whole family decorated eggs at the farm, and today we celebrated Easter at home. The highlight earlier this week was meeting Eva, Michelle's new puppy.

Dancing with the Stars
84/365: Dancing with the Stars

Project 365 | Week 12

Week 12 saw a little bit of everything: crazy weather, sleepy cats, painted toes, and spring blooms. Here are my pictures from last week...

Sweet Sammy
77/365: Sammy likes the new duvet cover.

Project 365 | Week 11

This past week was rather ordinary, but I spent a great weekend with Mom — shopping, eating, and working on several projects around my apartment. I also enjoyed catching some of the action from the World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario, via a Latvian feed and British Eurosport ("what a cracker!").

Hey, Sammy
70/365: Hey, Sammy

Project 365 Photo Book

This is another one of my "wrap-up" posts. Although I completed my first Project 365 in March 2011, I created a photo book last summer/fall.


It took me over a year to decide what I wanted to do with the pictures from my first Project 365. I thought of doing everything from a huge photo poster to a photo book with monthly spreads. Nothing seemed quite right, however, so I just let the pictures and project sit on the back burner. Finally, I was inspired to get the pictures into a photo book after seeing the Blurb books Elise Blaha Cripe had created on her blog. With this idea in mind, I decided to start on the process.

IMG_5387_ed copy

I decided to go with a 7x7 book because I liked the small size and square format. I uploaded all of my pictures to the Blurb website and began placing the pictures in the layout. It took some trial and error at first, but I finally decided to go with just a few page designs with (mostly) square photos. If I really liked a photo, I tried to make it a full page. I also included the date for each photo as well as a short description.

IMG_5385_ed copy

One of the things that slowed me down in the beginning is that I wanted to include the writing I did each day along with the particular photo. Once I decided to create the book in Blurb, I decided to throw that idea out the window. It's not that the writing wasn't important (it was basically my diary for that 12-month period), but this was primarily a photography project. The photos needed to take center stage. The writing is still there on the blog, and I've backed it up on my computer so I don't lose it.

IMG_5388_ed copy

IMG_5389_ed copy

IMG_5382_ed copy

I like how neat and clean this project turned out, and I am so glad to have all of my pictures in a book I can hold in my hands. Blurb does a great job with photo books, and I've been pleased with both books I've received from them. Since I'm so happy with this project, I'm planning to create a similar book for my current Project 365.

Project 365 | Week 10

Happy Monday! I tried to post these pictures yesterday, but I had trouble uploading the images to Flickr.

This week I decided to take all but one of my photos in my apartment. It wasn't intentional at first, but I thought it would be fun to capture some of the little details around here. I'm planning to do more "theme" weeks throughout this year, especially when I don't have anything too special going on. It's a great way to see things differently than I would otherwise.

March calendar
63/365: March calendar

Week in the Life Wrap-Up

After looking back through my blog, I realized I never wrote about some of the creative projects I worked on last year. There was a good reason for that — I was super busy at work and didn't feel like writing when I got home. Now that I have the time, I thought I would spend the next few weeks writing about some of the projects I completed.

IMG_5390_ed copy

One of the biggest projects I took on this past year was Week in the Life. I decided to focus on the week of May 7-13, 2012. I knew it was going to be difficult to concentrate on documenting my life that week in words and pictures, but it ended up being even more challenging than I could have ever imagined. With things so hectic at work, the stress of taking on this project was almost too much. However, I'm so glad I decided to tackle (and finish) this project, and I'm proud I got my words and pictures into a book before too much time had passed.

IMG_5393_ed copy

I created my book in Blurb using a template from Nettio Designs. It took a little time to edit all the photos, write the text, and put everything together, but it reminded me so much of my yearbook days that I didn't mind.

IMG_5394_ed copy

Each day had two spreads: one for the morning and one for the evening. I love how the template includes a big picture and then several smaller ones. I usually had one or two pictures from each day that I really loved, and it was great to be able to show them off.


Some final thoughts:
  • Since this was my first time completing Week in the Life, it took me a little bit to figure out what type of documentation worked best for me. I began the week using the daily worksheets from Ali Edwards but discovered as the week went on that the easiest way for me to record everything was to use Evernote. Next time, I plan to use Evernote the whole time.
  • I definitely want to schedule any future Week in the Life projects when life isn't as stressful. I know that's difficult to plan in advance, but working on a fun but unnecessary project makes me unhappy. And I like to be happy. :)
  • I liked creating a photo book in Blurb, and the template was fun and fairly easy to use. I'm planning on using the same format in the future to keep things consistent.
  • I'm looking forward to working on Week in the Life when I'm not working on Project Life. Both projects just seemed a little redundant to me.

Project 365 | Week 9

Welcome to March! It was a cool, windy week around Austin, but it looks like spring is right around the corner. New leaves are beginning to bud on the trees, and early wildflowers are blooming. I'm looking forward to the photo opportunities over the coming weeks, but here are my pictures for this week.

Dreams of Joy
56/365: Currently reading: Dreams of Joy by Lisa See