Project 365 | Week 26

Happy Sunday evening! I hope all of you had a lovely weekend and managed to stay cool wherever you were. We had a little rainstorm here last night, which cooled things off considerably today. (I love that the upper 90s are considered "cool" this time of year.) Without further ado, here are my pictures for Week 26:

Brownie camera
175/365: Brownie camera

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I hope all of you have had a great week. It's hot here in Austin — the high was 106 today, and the triple digits will continue through the weekend. I'm planning to stay inside where it's nice and cool over the next few days. I'm planning to spend my time reading and working on a few projects.

A few articles that caught my eye this week...

Are Books Obsolete?

Cats that look like pin-up girls (While the cats are cute, some of the pin-up girls leave little to imagination. You have been warned.)

One of the best Pinterest boards ever

America the Beautiful: 50 States in 50 Photos

Movie Style: 20 All-Time Greatest

6-28 Sunset

Off to Louisiana | New Orleans


My travel day on Sunday ended up being much longer and crazier than I anticipated. After multiple flight delays, I arrived in Austin a little after 11 p.m. and made it back to my apartment after midnight. I was practically a walking zombie the next day at work. Fortunately, I found out about the first flight delay before I made it to the airport, so my parents and I were able to take a short tour of New Orleans.

Off to Louisiana | Baton Rouge


On Saturday, my dad and I decided to explore downtown Baton Rouge. We started out at the Red Stick Farmers Market and then drove over to Louisiana State Capitol. Even though I had visited the Capitol when I was little, I didn't remember much, so it was nice to see everything again.

Off to Louisiana | Houmas House Plantation


After the bridal luncheon on Saturday, Mom, Esther and I joined Pam and Sandy to look around the grounds of Houmas House Plantation. Everything was just so beautiful, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the different flowers, trees, and fountains.

Project 365 | Week 25

Happy Sunday! This was another average week for me. I stayed busy at work during the week but managed to catch a movie and do some shopping this weekend. Here's to starting a new week tomorrow!

168/365: Bedtime with Sammy

Off to Louisiana | Wedding Events

Off to Louisiana

Two weekends ago, I traveled to Louisiana to attend my cousin Maegan's wedding. I flew out on Thursday afternoon and made it back to Austin around midnight the following Sunday after a hectic travel day. (The weather was not my friend during this trip.) During the three days I spent in Louisiana, I was on the go the whole time, attending several wedding events and even sneaking in a little sightseeing in downtown Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Project 365 | Week 24

Can you believe I've almost reached the halfway mark on this project? Sometimes I have a hard time believing it, but other times I know I've taken a lot of pictures already and have many more to go. This wasn't the most exciting week (after last weekend, how could it be?), but I'm happy to mark off Week 24.

Escape artist
161/365: My little escape artist

Friday Finds

TGIF! This past week has been a long one. After having so much fun last weekend, I struggled to get back into the work groove. I'm ready for a nice, restful weekend so I can start the next week off refreshed.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Better travel pics with your smartphone

Two-faced kitten born in Oregon

Five unforgettable rail journeys

Loving these return address stamps (I just need a more permanent address)

Anne of Green Gables quiz

Project 365 | Week 23

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far. After such an exciting weekend, it's been difficult to get back into the groove of regular life. I'm so thankful for my time in Louisiana and can't wait to share my other pictures once I have a chance to edit them.

Parking garage
154/365: Last one out

Friday Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I would start a new series on my blog called Friday Finds. I'm always finding interesting articles and pictures throughout the week, and I thought this would be a great place to share them. Enjoy!

Celebrity lookalikes (some of these are uncanny)

22 maps that show the deepest linguist divides in America (my days in Boston have turned me into a "semi-Yankee" — I rarely say "y'all" anymore)

Family fights to keep pet deer

Gracie Gold's skating journey

Embracing the present moment

Taking the noise out of your digital photos

Tim Duncan: the best player of his generation (Go, Spurs!)

Memorial Day at the Farm

Last Monday, I spent Memorial Day with my family out at our farm. We worked on a fun jigsaw puzzle of the Alamo, ate delicious homemade burgers and ice cream, watched the cows come a little too close to the cabin, and generally enjoyed each other's company. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Enjoying the peacefulness of the farm

Project 365 | Week 22

Can it be the end of another weekend already? I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be over. This past week began with Memorial Day, of course, and included a very short work week for me. Perhaps the different type of week inspired me because I really like these seven pictures as a collection. I especially like the Ferris wheel and nail salon shots. Hope you enjoy!

Pier on the pond
147/365: The end of the pier