Project 365 | Week 34

Good evening! I hope all of you have had a good start to your week. Last week was fairly normal for me — lots of work with a dash of fun (movie at the new Alamo Drafthouse!) mixed in.

Here are my pictures for Week 34:

Office plant
231/365: Office plant

Girl Time | Weekend in Dallas

WD with Mom title

It's become an annual tradition — Mom and I spend a weekend together each summer shopping, exploring, eating great food, and enjoying being together. Two years ago, Mom came down to Austin in August, and last year we met up with each other in Dallas around the same time.

Project 365 | Week 33

Kendra B

I decided to do something a little different this week. I spent the last few days on a scavenger hunt, trying to find one letter of my name each day. Some days were definitely more difficult than others, but it was a really fun project. Here are a few more details about each letter:

  • Monday — K (Craft project in my apartment; 224/365)
  • Tuesday — E (Lettering on the side of the office building; 225/365)
  • Wednesday — N (2013 calendar; 226/365)
  • Thursday — D (Hannah D's; 227/365)
  • Friday — R (Walgreens; 228/365)
  • Saturday — A (Display at T.J. Maxx; 229/365)
  • Sunday — B (Sign at church; 230/365)

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! After a rather stressful week, I'm ready for the weekend. I don't have anything big planned, but that's probably a good thing. Just rest and fun for the next two days. :)

Here's what caught my eye this week:

Michelle Kwan: From Olympic Figure Skater to Diplomat (wow, there have been a lot of stories about Michelle recently!)

40 maps that will help you make sense of the world

Amazing iPhone photos

Meet the newest mammal species, the olinguito

When all else fails...

There is Michelle.

And a camel that's really excited about Hump Day.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Project 365 | Week 32

Happy Monday! After such a wonderful weekend with Paul and Esther, it was hard to return to the office this morning. It was definitely a Monday, but at least I can check one day off this week.

Here are my pictures for Week 32:

Sammy time
217/365: Sammy lap time

Friday Finds (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday! This past weekend was another fun one since Paul and Esther came to visit. We stayed super busy yesterday, but I've enjoyed relaxing this afternoon.

I ran out of time to publish my Friday Finds on Friday, but I decided it was okay to post them a few days late. Here's what caught my eye last week:

Michelle Kwan will be covering the Olympics for Fox Sports

Find your royal name (Mine is The Great Empress Athena the Pleasant)

An In-N-Out Burger is opening in Cedar Park!

A puppy room at work? Yes, please! (A kitten room would be even better.)

Good ideas for a travel scrapbook

The world's greatest bookshops (excited to visit Shakespeare & Company in the spring!)

How to make strawberry thyme jam (as told by cats)

Project 365 | Week 31

Good evening, everyone! I hope all of you are having a lovely week. I'm still trying to recover from my weekend in Dallas with Mom. We had a great time, but it's been difficult to get back into the groove of working. At least I have this weekend to look forward to — Paul and Esther are coming to visit me in Austin!

My pictures for Week 31:

Email designing
210/365: Designing an email for one of my clients

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! By the time this post goes live, I'll be on my way to Dallas to spend the weekend with my mom. We're looking forward to shopping, eating some great food, watching a movie, and being together.

Here are some of the things that caught my eye this week:

4 U.S. road trips to take before you die

Just a deer exploring in Paris

Photos of France

A different side of Zimbabwe

I think I've found my 2014 calendar

McKayla Maroney's first vault since the Olympics:

Have a wonderful weekend!