European Adventure | Day 6

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After all of the excitement of the beaches at Normandy the day before, we had a quiet day on Friday (April 11). Our stop that day was in Les Andelys, one of the smallest towns we visited on the trip. Since we didn't arrive there until the afternoon, we had a lot of time to relax around the boat and attend the disembarkation session in the morning.

Viking Spirit

Mom and I ate lunch on board so we could explore the town as soon as we arrived. We thought it was going to be cool, so we bundled up in coats and scarves but soon had to take them off. There were only two shops in town: one with pretty housewares and another with scarves and bags. We visited both and ended up buying a few things at each. (I bought one of my favorite souvenirs, a polka dot market bag, at the second place.)

Les Andelys

Les Andelys


Petit Andely Saint Sauveur Church

The guided tour of the town started soon after we finished shopping, so we joined the group. Annika, the boat's program director, led us through the town and then up the hill to Château Galliard. It was a steep hike but not too difficult (yay for climbing the stairs every day at work!), and the view was amazing at the top.

Chateau Galliard

French countryside

Overlooking the Seine

At Chateau Galliard

Once Mom and I climbed back down the hill, we boarded the boat again to head to Conflans, our destination the next day. During the afternoon, we had French tea, and I enjoyed reading in the lounge while Mom took a short nap. That evening we had the final night activities with the Captain's Dinner and crew introductions. We ended up sitting with the same couple from the night before, and I was excited to learn that the woman was a big figure skating fan too. (We had a lot to talk about, for sure.) The food at dinner was especially wonderful with Beef Wellington and Crème Brûlée the true highlights. At this point, it was so hard to believe that our cruise was almost over!

Les Andelys

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